Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm still alive!

Hey there.

Soooo, I know I said that I'd write more posts during my two week break between semesters.. and then totally didn't. My apologies. I got caught up in playing this one video game with my boyfriend. Diablo 3, have you heard of it? If not, I'm sure if you ask any guy in your life, he can tell you what it's about. So yeah, the game came out on May 15, and my boyfriend got me addicted to it! It works out pretty well for him because I don't complain about him playing the game all the time... since I'm usually playing with him! Haha.

I've already logged waaaay too many hours on D3.

And then my summer classes started up, so I've been juggling classes, school work, and Diablo 3. I should really cut out the game, but it's hard. I'm too into it. I'm already on level 55 (the max is 60)! I'm slowly trying to wean myself off of it though. My classes keep me really busy as well. I have class twice a week, for 7 hours at a time!! Isn't that crazy? My first class is from 1-4:30pm, and then my second class is from 5-8:10pm. I also have to do some classroom observations, which means my Tuesdays and Thursdays will be even longer. Sigh. At least I'm already half done with one of my classes!

So, my beauty ban ended yesterday. I didn't adhere to my own rules. D'oh. I stayed away from more expensive beauty products, but I did buy a few things from the drugstore. I might stick to the ban for a little while longer because I don't use as many products in the summer time. Might as well shop my stash a while longer. I will make one exception though: NARS Ramatuelle eyeshadow trio. I've been coveting it for a while though, but decided to wait until the end of my ban to buy it. Is it worth it? Let me know in the comments :)

All righty, I just wanted to check in. I'm still alive! And I still read my favorite beauty blogs frequently. I just need to find a good time to take pictures of stuff and write posts. I have to write my empties post for April/May before it's too late, and it's no longer relevant :p

Happy weekend!

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